College of Food and Dairy Technology is a constituent unit of Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS) which functions with the ultimate objective of development and dissemination of technical knowledge and infrastructure through conduct of need based research programmes. The College is also a pioneering organization of its own accredited to Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) and recognition from All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to offer degrees in undergraduate and post graduate in Food Technology disciplines (B.Tech, M.Tech & Ph.D).Our Institute is identified as one of the premier organization in translating novel food technologies developed through R&D projects and post graduate research.



                           In recognition of our services, Ministry of Science and Technology - Government of India under the aegis of National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board has allocated the i-STED project on "Diffusion of Novel Food Technologies for Generations of Healthy India" for a duration of five years from 2016 to 2021. Food products taken up for dissemination are the newer genera of food models with no apparent modifications in the original outlook of novelties. The products are energized and instantized to deliver the requisite nutritional closets to the consumers in a balanced proportion so that the food becomes complete in all aspects from procuring, processing, preservation, packaging and promotion to reach the needy population from farm to fork. The products which attract minimal investments on machineries are given thrust which enables the establishment of small scale food processing industries. Moreover, the products meant for transfer of technology would not warrant its conversion on daily basis for disposal of the highly perishable food raw materials. The degree of up scaling or scaling down of production is correlated to the market demand with marginal reduction in warehouse and preservation cost of expenditure.


                     The proposed project would pave a way for identification of suitable entrepreneurs to enrol as beneficiaries in i-sted scheme. The project beneficiaries will be inculcated with capacity building programmes on various titles for which necessary technological know-hows are to be infused to the intended entrepreneurs for safe handling of food materials with application of simpler and low cost food processing systems developed by our institute for value addition of food raw materials. There is a vast scope for development of small scale enterprise with the inception of knowledge on quality assurance and attractive packaging for capturing the attention of consumers which would flourish as a cottage scale industry.


                         Initially, the selected interest group will be allowed to process food products at the facilities available with the Institute premises which would strengthen their abilities and knowledge on scope of food processing without actually investing any sum of money in an industrial setup. Due to intervention at every step involved in food supply chain management by the experts, the bottlenecks would get resolved for clarity of decision making and market approach. The developed skilled force would be encouraged to enter into retail marketing through various modes like facilitation with Government Departments and rural development schemes. Finally, the beneficiaries could become the operators of small scale food industry and a way for translation of knowledge bank into revenue bank.


1. To alleviate protein deprivation and malnutrition in growing children with the provision of high protein diets

2. To disseminate knowledge gained by this Institute to end users

3. Conversion of entrepreneurship to small scale food processors for abatement of migration

4. Generation of healthy India by propagating the novel food products fortified with dietary supplements

5. Creation of 1000 direct employment and 2000 indirect employment with a revenue outcome of about Rs. 0.5 lakhs and Rs. 2.25 lakhs per enterprise per month respectively in the rural and urbanmarkets by reaching the unreached class of population


1. Conduct of capacity building programme on novel food products developed by this institute to the unemployed youth and interest groups
2. Conversion of entrepreneur into small scale food processors with provision of logistics support
3. Availability of slated food products in the market, manufactured by the project beneficiaries
4. Creation of employment in rural and urban localities through establishment of small scale food processing industries

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